Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Quilting Crash Course

Well after buying the quilting and embroidery patterns from my last post, I decided to just go ahead and make a practice quilt just to "get my feet wet." I know it will probably not have lines matching up and be a little wonky in some places, but at least it will be mine and I know I'll love the fabric I put into it. The first line of fabric I chose was from Tula Pink called Night Shade. It has apothecary jars bubbling with brews, stars and moons, clockwork ravens on lace, and flowers with spider webs and skull and crossbones hidden amongst the greenery. It has soothing cool colors with 5 fabrics patterns that come in 3 color palates: vapor (blue), absinthe (green), and nightshade (purple). One of the fabrics with the three witches on it is sold out in most places and if you can find it, it's on etsy or ebay for $50 a yard. No thanks, I don't like it that much. I have most of the other 4 fabrics in all 3 colors and am waiting for the rest to come in the mail. Since that wasn't enough fabric to make a quilt, I decided to supplement with some of Alexander Henry's Ghastlies fabrics. which have a very similar color palate and are also Halloween/witchy in feel.

Here is a photo of the fabrics I've gotten so far:
Photo: Here are the fabrics my first quilt will have in it. I'm waiting for two more fabrics to come in before assembly. Each of these is a 10" x 10" block.

I've got all of these pre-cut into 10.5" squares and will make hourglass quilt blocks for most of the quilt. I haven't quite decided on the final layout yet as I'm waiting to see how these fabrics look when combined with a solid gray. I'm hoping I can make these into a queen sized quilt top, but will settle for a throw if necessary.

I'm so anxious to get started! I'm afraid I'll lose my impetus to get this done if I can't work on it now. I've still got to wait for the rest of the fabric to come in though. *sigh* Still waiting for 5 more fabrics to come in. *tick, tock, tick, tock* I haven't even picked out a backing for this yet since it all depends on how big the quilt ends up being. Another reason I'm in such a hurry is that I'm having surgery on my wrist soon. No date scheduled yet, but I anticipate it being done within the first two weeks of August and I REALLY want this part done before that happens.

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