Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Budget cuts

It seems as though the rather large trip I was planning on taking at the end of the year is not going to happen. The Affordable Care Act has put such a stress on hospitals that budgets cuts need to be made everywhere. Including employees. With that thought in mind, I can't justify spending the amount of money it would take to fly to AZ and CA and back home for both me and my husband, then spend the amount of money it would cost to board three dogs and a cat for over a week. I need to have at LEAST a few months worth of money for bills saved in case I were to need it. That means a lot of cuts need to be made for expenses this year aside from what I've already committed to spending. *sigh* No Dragoncon for us this year. No trip to see my friends or my dad for Christmas. It really sucks to be an adult and be responsible sometimes.

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