Sunday, July 14, 2013

Halloween quilting and embroidery

I'm still looking for the perfect quilt for the bedroom. I stumbled upon Crabapple Hill Studio which has lots of lovely patterns for fall and Halloween themed items. I have chosen a couple to start with to see how long it takes and whether or not I can stick with it. The first one is Calendula Patterdrip's Cottage. *LOVE*
Is is fairly large at 66.5" x 72.5" and combines both quilting and embroidery. The designs are fun and witchy themed, which is just perfect. My only issue with completing this masterpiece of art? If I put that on my bed, my dogs would ruin it. So, what will I do with it you ask? I suppose I'll either make it into a throw blanket to display in the living room or a wall hanging for the kitchen. It would kill me to have it ruined by the dogs after putting what will most likely be months of work into it. The floss used for the embroidery is also available in a kit from the studio here.

The other pattern I decided to buy is a little different, but still Halloween themed. It's called Dance by the Light of the Moon (go here to get it). It has a very festive feel to it that makes it a light-hearted piece.
The kit for the embroidery part is here.

Don't those look like fun? I will be so proud if I can manage to stick with them long enough to finish them. Apparently I have this tendency to stop working on a craft if it gets too boring (read: I have a few projects that I've never finished.)
They have several other patterns that I was really trying to decide if I wanted to buy them or not. I erred on the side of caution and just bought the two above. If I can manage to get one of them done, I will buy the others I want just to make sure I have the pattern available. I have this almost irrational fear that if I don't buy it when I see it, it will be discontinued and I won't be able to find it anywhere. Anyone else ever feel like that?
This one is called Spellbound.
This one is called Hocuspocusville
I didn't link the one's I didn't buy, but you can find them all on the link at the top of this blog. You can also use a magnifying feature to see the details of each of these designs on their page. 
Maybe since I'm right handed, these won't be so hard on my left wrist until I can get it fixed. I know weaving takes both hands equally, so I won't be able to do that or knitting for a long while it looks like. As for what I did to my wrist: Last October 30th, I was catching an IV pump as it was falling off an IV pole at work with just my left hand. I had a bunch of IV tubing in my right hand, so couldn't grab the pump with both. I felt a sharp pain in the ulnar side of my left wrist and it has been giving me fits ever since then. I'm finally getting to see a hand surgeon next week about it and I'll see how long he tells me recovery is going to take. 

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