Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Smoky Mountain hideaway

It's getting to be that time of the year where the leaves will start to change their colors. The stress of daily life, being isolated at home convalescing for an entire week and starting back to work have all taken their toll on me and I'm ready for another escape to my favorite hideaway. The leaves are always filtering the sun with light dappling the ground and the gently rushing water of the creek sets a soothing atmosphere like no other place. Sitting on the porch in the swing looking out at the forest, just letting time flow gently past without having to listen to the noise of a population nearby or being inundated with the emotions of a hundred others is a magic all on it's own.

The deck has a long staircase down to the creek allowing one to dip one's toes in the clear mountain stream water, if one were so inclined. (I highly recommend it, especially after a long drive.) My hubby and I explore our surroundings every time we go and revel in the majesty of nature.

The stream is pristine, framed in rhododendrons and loaded with mossy rocks and tree trunks laden with lichen and fungi.

I would buy this place if we ever win the lotto. As a friend of mine has said, "It makes my soul sing." We are going again this fall for a very short vacation and it will be the second time this year we've been, but I long to see the leaves in all their glorious colors high up in the mountains I love.

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