Saturday, August 17, 2013

Healing and sourcing

It's been a long week. The surgery went well as far as I know. I don't have my first follow up until Monday to find out what the surgeon did and what I'm looking at in the way of recovery time, although I know I'm not supposed to lift anything until then. As you can see, my wrist and hand are pretty swathed in bandages.

 It's hard to be home from work for an entire week and not be able to do anything with all the free time. My quilts and yarns are calling my name..

I have been out in the garden and harvested some fresh lavender, rosemary, foxglove and sage to hang up to dry in the kitchen on the potting bench. Nothing like having fresh rosemary in a bread recipe. The whole house smells fragrant and clean with that sharp, herbal smell permeating the air. I missed most of the lavender flowers this year, but managed to grab a few. I'll make some sachets with them to tuck away into drawers and hidey-holes sometime soon. The sage will make a lovely incense and the foxglove will be used later in an ointment.

I've been combing the internet for tiny bones and feathers to make some fetishes and talismans with. I am trying to incorporate my spiritual practice into my daily life more often and trying to branch out with my crafting into other areas. Once I'm healed, I'll not only be weaving, but I'm going to start carving and have a bunch of beautiful woods just waiting for the right shape. I have a Gaboon Ebony piece that is waiting to be carved into a wand, some purple heart, pink ivory, Lingum vitae, and Bubinga that are all waiting to become hair sticks. I think I'll even make the hair sticks to be used as wands as well and may add a small charm or crystal on the end to catch the light.

After my husband took down several branches in our back yard to make more sunlight for the vegetable garden, I have a new source of elm, cedar and Osage orange just waiting for the appropriate usage. i just love the colors of the woods in this picture and the fresh wood smells so wonderful.

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