Thursday, June 27, 2013

Huge Granny Squares

I just had to post this. Dana Barnes is so inspiring! I stumbled upon a blog about her from 2010, but the granny squares are still amazing and I totally would love to have one (or two!). Just look at those color blends!

You can tell how much work it is to wrestle with the roving - just look at her arms! You can find out more about her here.

This really makes me want to buy a super huge yarn like this stuff (Bagsmith Big Stitch Bump):
Big Stitch Bumps in Natural Creamy White
and make a lovely rug for beside the bed or to put in front of the kitchen sink. At one stitch per inch, you can tell it really is BIG! My hubby is going to make some US50 size knitting needles for me out of dowel rods and I'll just screw in some wooden drawer handles to make them look like these (which are $46):

I've been looking around for roving like Dana used on her granny squares and have yet to find any. I'll keep looking and post a link here if I find some. ;)

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